Wall Switch for BLE – EWSSB / EWSDB

Single / Double Rocker Wall Switch (55×55) for self-powered wireless BLE switch with NFC interface


Self-powered wireless controls are simple to install. The Single / Double Rocker Wall Switch using the European 55 x 55 form factor use energy harvesting technology to communicate wirelessly with other devices supporting the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Advertising standard. They provide convenient control of lighting, temperature, and miscellaneous electric loads.

The wall switches are self-powered and never require batteries because the simple act of pressing the rocker generates enough energy to send wireless Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Advertising telegrams to other devices. The Single and Double Rocker Pads can optionally be configured by means of an NFC (ISO 14443) interface.

The enclosed switch frame can be replaced by frames of the following design programs: BERKER S1, B1, B3, B7 Glas, GIRA Standard55, E2, Event, Esprit, or JUNG A500, Aplus, or MERTEN M-Smart, M-Arc, M-Plan.