Effective March 2024, Holders will become a hardware, data solutions, and services partner for Ingy and its ecosystem partners.

Ingy’s application software is based on the Wirepas communications protocol which enables large scale smart building solutions, including wireless lighting control, asset tracking, people counting, sub metering and many other smart building functions. Smart building data can be visualised on a dashboard either via the Ingy API or through a local integration. Wirepas technology specialises in very large and scalable applications providing the ability to form very dense networks of thousands of nodes across many smart building infrastructure types.

Mat Hanson, Group Business Development Director of Holders Technology said, “Holders have been experts in delivering wireless and smart lighting projects for some time. Ingy technology truly enables us to move beyond lighting applications and offer many other smart building functions.”

Bastiaan de Groot, CEO of Ingy BV said, “We are very excited to work with Holders as our partner to provide a single point of contact to our customers, offering a range of hardware solutions from our different ecosystem partners, as well as commissioning and system integration services”.

Holders Technology is an international leading supplier of wireless lighting control and smart building solutions operating in UK & Ireland, Germany, Austria, France, New Zealand and Australia.

Ingy is a leading global supplier of highly scalable wireless mesh solutions that can enable a wide range of smart building functions such as asset tracking and people counting.

For more information about Holders Technology, contact Mat Hanson at  and for Ingy, contact Bastiaan de Groot at