Holders Technology Join the EnOcean Alliance


Holders Technology is pleased to announce that it has joined the EnOcean Alliance.  The EnOcean Alliance consists of 400 companies manufacturing products compatible with the EnOcean radio standard for use in Smart Buildings.  EnOcean Alliance’s wireless networks operate in over a million buildings globally, establishing it as a widely used and proven wireless building automation standard.

Holders Technology is a solutions provider for the EnOcean Alliance, working with a range of manufacturers, as well as providing project and data services.  Some of Holders partners include Pressac, Deuta, Eltako, Firvena, Vimar, Nodon, Retrotouch, JUNG and EnOcean GmbH.

For more information about Holders Technology, please visit www.holderssmartbuildings.com or contact Mat Hanson at mhanson@holderstechnology.com.

For more information about the EnOcean Alliance, please visit www.enocean-alliance.org.