KNX lighting control empowers you to effortlessly manage your lighting systems, offering a seamless blend of comfort, energy savings, and style.

With KNX, you’re in control. Adjust lighting levels, create ambiance, and schedule lighting scenes to match your activities and mood with just a few taps on your smartphone or tablet. Whether it’s dimming the lights for a cozy movie night or brightening up your workspace for enhanced productivity, KNX puts the power at your fingertips.

But KNX lighting control isn’t just about convenience—it’s also about sustainability. By optimizing energy usage and minimizing wastage, KNX helps reduce your carbon footprint and lowers your energy bills. With features like daylight harvesting and occupancy sensing, you can ensure that lights are only on when needed, further maximizing efficiency without compromising comfort.

Installation is a breeze with KNX. Compatible with a wide range of lighting fixtures and devices, KNX seamlessly integrates into both new and existing buildings. Plus, with its open standard protocol, KNX offers flexibility and future-proofing, allowing for easy expansion and integration with other smart building systems.

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  1. Versatile Control: KNX allows users to adjust lighting levels, create ambiance, and schedule lighting scenes effortlessly via smartphones or tablets.

  2. Energy Efficiency: With features like daylight harvesting and occupancy sensing, KNX optimizes energy usage, reducing carbon footprint and energy bills.

  3. Compatibility: KNX is compatible with a wide range of lighting fixtures and devices, making installation easy in both new and existing buildings.

  4. Open Standard Protocol: KNX’s open standard protocol offers flexibility and future-proofing, enabling easy expansion and integration with other smart building systems.

Why KNX?

The EnOcean ecosystem provides buildings with flexibility, energy savings, and cost-effectiveness.

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Complete Lighting Control

KNX enables precise control over all aspects of lighting, including dimming, switching, colour temperature adjustment, and RGB colour control.

Users can create customized lighting scenes tailored to specific activities or moods, enhancing comfort and ambiance.


Connecting and Measuring with KNX

Integration with Sensors and Devices: KNX seamlessly integrates with a wide range of sensors and devices, such as motion sensors, light sensors, temperature sensors, and presence detectors. This integration enables intelligent control strategies, such as automatic light adjustment based on occupancy or daylight levels.

Energy Management and Monitoring: KNX provides tools for energy management and monitoring, allowing users to track and analyse energy consumption patterns. By identifying areas of inefficiency and implementing optimization strategies, users can reduce energy waste and lower operating costs.


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Benefits of using KNX Controls


 Interoperability and Integration

KNX’s open standard protocol ensures interoperability with all sorts of devices and systems, including HVAC, security, audio-visual, and building management systems. This interoperability enables seamless integration and coordination between different building systems.


Centralized Control and Visualization

KNX offers centralized control and visualization interfaces, providing users with a convenient overview of their lighting systems. Through intuitive user interfaces, users can easily monitor system status, make adjustments, and create new configurations.


Scalability and Modularity

KNX is highly scalable and modular, accommodating projects of any size and complexity. Whether it’s a small residential installation or a large commercial building, KNX can be tailored to meet specific requirements, with the ability to add or modify devices and functionalities as needed.

KNX Products

KNX Control - Automated

Advanced Automation Logic allows users to implement sophisticated automation logic based on various triggers and conditions. For example, lights can be automatically adjusted based on occupancy, daylight levels, time schedules, or sensor inputs, optimizing energy efficiency and enhancing convenience.

With KNX, users can remotely access and control their lighting systems from anywhere via smartphones, tablets, or computers. This allows for convenient monitoring, adjustment, and management of lighting settings, even when away from the premises.

KNX Controls Any Building

KNX offers a comprehensive suite of capabilities for lighting control, encompassing advanced automation, integration, remote access, energy management, and scalability. Its flexibility and versatility make it suitable for a diverse range of applications, from residential homes to commercial buildings to industrial facilities.