Blisterpack switching with wireless pushbutton F2T55E and wireless actuator impulse switch with integrated relay function FSR61-230V.



Smart Home sensor and Smart Home actuator. F2T55E: Wireless pushbutton pure white glossy for single mounting 80x80x15mm or mounting into the E-Design55 switching system. Generates the power for wireless telegrams itself when the button is pressed, therefore there is no connecting wire and no standby loss. Wireless pushbuttons with one rocker can transmit two evaluable signals: press the rocker up and press the rocker down. The mounting base can be screwed onto a flat surface or glued to the wall, on glass, or on furniture using the enclosed adhesive foil. Use the sleeves in the 55mm socket box for screw mounting. FSR61-230V: Wireless actuator impulse switch with integrated relay function. 1 NO contact potential free 10A/250V AC, incandescent lamps up to 2000 watts, off delay with switch-off early warning and switchable pushbutton permanent light. Encrypted wireless, bidirectional wireless and ­repeater functions are switchable. Only 0.8 watt standby loss. For installation. 45mm long, 45mm wide, 33mm deep. Supply voltage and control voltage locally 230V. If a power failure occurs, the switching state is retained. If a power failure occurs repeatedly, the device is switched off in a defined sequence. After installation, wait for a short automatic synchronization before the switched consumer is connected to the mains. In addition to the wireless control input via an internal antenna, this universal impulse switching relay can also be controlled locally by a conventional control switch if fitted previously. Glow lamp current is not permitted.