Wireless motion sensor in E-Design55, pure white glossy


Wireless motion sensor for surface mounting 80x80x27mm or mounting into the E-Design55 switching system. With battery (lifetime 3 years). The FB55EB- sends a motion-detected telegram every 2 minutes when motion is detected. If no more movement is detected, a non-movement telegram is sent after 4 minutes. If there is still no movement detected, a non-movement telegram is sent every 30 minutes. In the factory setting, the upper slide switch is set to P (passive), and light actuators and dimming actuators switch off automatically if no new movement has been detected for 5 minutes. It is switched on with a button. With the upper slide switch in position A (active), an automatic movement-dependent switch-on is activated. The sensitivity can be selected with the lower slide switch. H = high (factory setting) or L = low. The power supply is an internal 3V CR2032 button cell and has a service life of several years. Just remove the front panel to change the button cell.