Wireless universal dimming actuator without N terminal



Wireless universal dimming actuator, without N terminal. Dimmable 230V LED lamps in phase cut-out mode up to 200W or in phase control mode up to 40W depending on ventilation conditions. Minimum load for phase cut-out 20W, or phase control 8W. With power MOSFET. 230V incandescent lamps and halogen lamps up to 200W depending on ventilation conditions. No inductive (wound) transformers. With children‘s rooms and snooze function. No minimum load. Only 0.6 watt standby loss. For installation. 49x51mm wide, 20mm deep. The terminals are plug-in terminals for conductor cross-sections of 0.2mm2 to 2.5mm2. Up to 32 wireless universal pushbuttons, wireless direction pushbuttons, wireless central control pushbuttons, and motion sensors can be taught using easy tap technology. Bidirectional wireless switchable. Zero passage switching with soft ON and soft OFF to protect lamps. Supply voltage, switching voltage, and control voltage local 230V. The brightness level is stored on switch-off (memory). If the supply voltage fails, the device is ­switched off in the defined mode. Automatic electronic overload protection and overtemperature switch-off. In addition to the wireless control input via an internal antenna, this wireless actuator can also be controlled locally by a conventional 230V control switch if fitted previously. Glow lamp current is not permitted.