Wireless relay actuator, 1 contact 10A



Wireless relay actuator 10A/250V AC. 1 NO contact or NC contact, potentially free. Standby loss is only 0.4 watts. For installation. 49x51mm wide, 20mm deep. The terminals are plug-in terminals for conductor cross-sections of 0.2mm2 to 2.5mm2. Up to 32 wireless pushbuttons and wireless window contacts can be taught in using easy tap technology. Bidirectional wireless switchable. The distance between control terminals/contact is 6 mm. Supply voltage, switching voltage, and control voltage local 230V. If the supply voltage fails, the device is switched off in the defined mode. When the supply voltage is restored, the device is switched off in a defined process. After installation, wait until the short automatic synchronization takes place before the switched user is connected to the network. In addition to the wireless control input via an internal antenna, this wireless actuator can also be controlled locally by a conventional 230V control switch if fitted previously. Glow lamp ­current is not permitted. During teach-in, the function of the contact in the quiescent position is defined as NO or NC. Closes the contact with at least one open window. It can then activate extraction hoods etc. or generate an alarm. Opens the contact with at least one open window. It can then switch off heaters or air conditioners. Several wireless window contacts are linked together. The function is determined by the last wireless window contact which is taught in.