This INGY-MOD17MDALI module is designed for building into luminaires or it can be mounted onto a Eurodata plate. Configurable via the free to download INGY APP on Google Play or Apple APP Store.



To be installed by a competent person with reference to BS 7671 or equivalent local standards. If in doubt consult a qualified electrician.

• A mounting bezel is supplied to enable manufacturers to mount the INGY-MOD17MDALI control unit into a luminaire housing.

• The INGY-MOD17MDALI control unit snap fi ts into the mounting bezel.

• A 12VDC SELV Power Supply for the (not

supplied) INGY-MOD17MDALI device should be connected as shown in diagram 2:

Power in (OV).

OV 12V Dim + Com

Power in (12V).

Dimming control out.

Common control out.