This INGY-MOD3MDALI module is designed for building into luminaires to control DALI ballasts using it’s internal DALI power supply (10mA max.) Confi gurable via the free to download INGY APP on Google Play or Apple APP Store.



To be installed by a competent person with reference to BS 7671 or equivalent local standards. If in doubt consult a qualifi ed electrician.

  • A mounting bezel is supplied to assist manufacturers to mount the INGY-MOD3MDALI control unit into a luminaire housing.
  • The INGY-MOD3MDALI control unit snap fi ts into the mounting bezel.
  • The 12VDC (800mA max.) SELV Power Supply (not supplied) for the INGY-MOD3MDALI device should be connected as shown in diagram 2: 0V Power in (0V). 12V Power in (12V). Dim/DA + Dimming control out. (10mA max.) Dim/DA – Dimming control out. (10mA max.)