Nodon PIR-2-1-01 Enocean Motion Sensor

Detect any motion at home whether you are there or not!

  • Compatible with the EnOcean® worldwide Smart Home & Smart Building protocol, this EnOcean® Motion Sensor will automatically detect any motion. Thanks to its multiple mounting possibilities, place it anywhere in your house (on a table, a wall or a ceiling) and customize its settings according to your environment light to fully enjoy its use. It is the perfect device to make energy savings and assure your home security when you are not there!
    • Highly sensitive: Its high sensitivity allows it to detect any motion and assure you a performant management of your lighting system
    • Battery lifetime: Thanks to an innovative energy management system, the Motion Sensor offers you 5 years lifetime
    • Wireless; NodOn® Motion Sensor is also wireless. It benefits the flexibility of a wireless system, with no maintenance
    • Multiple mounting possibilities: With its easy to mount support, the Motion Sensor can be placed everywhere: on a table, a wall or on the ceiling

    With the Motion Sensor, I can

    • Alarm: Set-up my sensor to trigger the Alarm system and be informed of any motion
    • Scenario: Launch a scenario for my morning routine: Turn the lights ON on the bathroom
    • Energy savings: Automatically turn the lights OFF when I am not in the room to make energy savings
    • Light: Set-up my sensor to turn ON my light when someone is passing through the hall

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