The NODON SIN-4-RS-20 Zigbee Roller Shutter Micro Module makes motorized roller shutters, awnings, or adjustable sunshades connected through a simple and non-invasive installation.


This Zigbee-connected Rolling Shutter MicroModule can be installed to connect and control your blinds automatically or remotely using a Zigbee 3.0 compatible home automation box. Compatible with the majority of Zigbee ecosystems on the market, this NodOn module is ideal for centralizing the control of blinds in a room, a floor or an entire building. With a compact size, you can install it in a recessed pot >30mm or directly on the electrical panel with the NodOn DIN Rail Box. Centralizing your openings and creating scenarios becomes possible thanks to this module, installed directly on your equipment and adapted to it thanks to its auto-calibration function.

Thanks to the NodOn SIN-4-RS-20 Zigbee roller shutter micro module, you can:

  • Improve your security with Zigbee roller shutter controls:

Simulate your presence by triggering the opening and closing of the shutters of the house in the event of your absence.

  • Centralize:

Open the various connected roller shutters in the living room with a single controller or remotely via your phone.

  • Automate:

Simultaneously lower all blinds on several floors of a building.

  • Improve your comfort:

Automatically open the bedroom roller shutter to 20% for a gentle awakening.


The qualities of the Zigbee NodOn SIN-4-RS-20 roller shutter micromodule:

  • Auto calibration of the roller shutter micro-module

No adjustment necessary, the module automatically calibrates on the equipment according to the motorized shutter/blind

  • Quick roller shutter micro-module installation