Automatically monitor table occupancy
Pressac’s wireless 360 degree motion sensors detect and monitor the presence of people, in real time. The small, battery-powered sensors simply stick to the underside of a table, enabling you to detect real-time presence and continually monitor table occupancy.




Detect real-time table occupancy
Access live table occupancy data for automated table booking

Get updates as occupancy changes
Track usage to better manage cleaning and bookings

Track table use over time
Monitor space utilisation over time to make better planning decisions


  • Small, discreet sensors simply stick to underside of a table
  • Sensor (PIR) detects motion within 360 degree radius and sends instant updates when occupancy detected.
  • Typical under-table detection range within 0.5 meters based on average table height. Actual detection range of the PIR is up to 5 meters.
  • Configure absence and repeat telegram timers to suit your needs
  • GDPR and privacy compliant solution: no images or personal information stored or transmitted
  • Ultra-low power technology. Battery life typically 5+ years. USB-powered variant available
  • Transmit data wirelessly and securely – using AES-128 encryption – via EnOcean wireless protocol, which uses internationally approved, licence-free ISM bands
    • 868 MHz for Europe (RED)
    • 902 MHz for North America (FCC) and Canada (IC)
  • EnOcean Equipment Profile (EEP): A5-07-01
    No recurring fees. Access the data through your chosen platform, without any additional costs from Presssac.
    Manufactured in the UK to high-quality and high-safety specifications, they are subject to rigorous testing procedures.