Single-phase energy meter, MID



Maximum current 65A. Standby loss 0.4 watt only. Modular device for DIN-EN 60715 TH35 rail mounting. 1 module = 18mm wide and 58mm deep. Accuracy class B (1%). With S0 interface. This single-phase energy meter measures active energy using the current between input and output. The internal power consumption of 0.4-watt active power is neither metered nor indicated. 1 phase conductor with a max. current up to 65 A can be connected. The start current is 4OmA. If the anticipated load exceeds 50%, maintain an air gap of ½ pitch unit to the devices mounted adjacently. If necessary, use spacer DS12. Two N terminals for secure cross-wiring of several counters. The 7-segment LC display is also legible twice within 2 weeks without a power supply. Press the button. Below the displays is a button that you can use to browse through the menu as described in the User Manual. First, the background lighting switches on. Then you can display the total active energy, the active energy of the resettable memory, and the instantaneous values for active power, voltage, and current. Power consumption is shown by a bar flashing at a rate of 1000 times per kWh. Error message: In the event of a connection error the backlighting of the display flashes.