EMSIA enables the realization of energy harvesting wireless sensors communicating according to EnOcean Alliance radio standard. Key applications are wall-mounted or equipment-mounted sensor solutions for the measurement of temperature, humidity, illumination, or acceleration/orientation.


EMSIA integrates dedicated sensors for temperature, humidity, illumination, acceleration and magnet contact. These sensors measure and transmit the current status every 60 seconds.

EMSIA will immediately wake up and transmit an update if an acceleration event occurs (e.g. due to being moved or shaken) after a period without such change.

EMSIA contains an integrated solar cell optimized to generate the required energy based on available ambient lighting. Under typical indoor lighting scenarios (200 lux for 6 hours per day) they operate fully self-supplied. For use cases with insufficient available light, it is possible to mount a dedicated backup battery.

EMSIA provides an integrated NFC interface that can be used for device configuration and device commissioning. In addition, it contains an LRN button that can be used for simple commissioning tasks.