Wireless multi-sensor in E-Design55, pure white glossy


Wireless multi-sensor for single mounting 80x80x14mm or mounting into the E-Design55 switching system. With integrated solar cell and battery CR1632 (not included in the scope of supply). This multi-sensor comprises sensors for temperature, humidity, lighting, acceleration, and magnetic contact all integrated in a single housing. It sends all data via EnOcean wireless to the Eltako Wireless Building system. The integrated solar cell generates the necessary power from ambient light in rooms. Power is then stored internally to allow the multi-sensor to operate for several days without light. The multisensor has an NFC interface, which can be used to configure it with the free EnOcean Tool app and an NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet. In its as-delivered state, the EEP: D2-14-41 is enabled and contains the data of all sensors. The sensor parameters can be edited via the NFC interface and individual EEPs can be selected: D2-14-40, A5-04-01, A5-04-03, A5-02-05, A5-06-02, A5-06-03 or A5-14-05.