Wireless temperature+humidity sensor, pure white glossy



Wireless temperature+humidity sensor, 75x25x12mm, with battery (lifetime 5 years). The temperature humidity sensor measures constantly the relative humidity between 0 and 100% (+-5%) and the temperature between -20°C and +60°C (+-0,5°C). It sends a data telegram within 2 minutes if changed in the Eltako wireless network. If there is no change, a status telegram is sent every 10 minutes. Adhesive foil mounting, an adhesive film is enclosed. The electronics are powered by an internal button cell CR2032. To change only the housing needs to be opened. This is also required to activate the battery supply by pulling out an insulating strip. The wireless sensor can be taught in the actuators listed below and in the Professional Smart Home controller: FAE14, FHK14, F4HK14, F2L14, FHK61, FME14.