Gateway EnOcean / RS 232, 485 Modbus RTU

Application – Due to the wireless technology used, this solution finds application in objects where operation has already started or new cabling cannot be created, or if these are temporary rental premises and the owner simply wants to transfer the equipment and elements.

Conversion of raw data to specific quantities – The converter (gateway) can send/receive all telegrams of the RPS/1BS, 4BS, VLD type according to the EEP specification. The contents of these telegrams are copied into the registers. Data in this state (RAW) requires knowledge of the composition of RORG telegrams and burdens the superior system by the necessity of conversion. Therefore, for selected products, recalculated values ​​corresponding to the measured quantity are available.

EnOcean Tools application – is a versatile support tool for the installation of converters and wireless elements. It allows adding new elements and managing them with a clear display of received signal strength information and other data.

Connection – Easy connection with retractable concealer.

Package Contents – External antenna with 2m long cable and magnetic base, short installation and operating instructions, USB mini cable (the number of USB cables may be reduced with higher gateway deliveries).


It is an open product for different manufacturers and supports all EEP profiles, the data of which is automatically incorporated into BACnet objects and converted into specific quantities. For comprehensive management of both networks and clarity of the entire system, the gateway comes with the EO-BAC Tool application. The power supply is in the range of 10–32 V DC or 24 V AC. The gateway can also act as a repeater in the EnOcean network independently of the running application.