Surface mounted EnOcean KNX gateway



A bidirectional gateway between EnOcean wireless and KNX bus with 32 channels, 81x81x25mm. The KNX ENO 636 secure acts as a bidirectional gateway between EnOcean Wireless and the KNX/EIB bus. Control commands and measured values can be transmitted by EnOcean wireless sensors to the KNX bus, for example, to control KNX actuators. Similarly, EnOcean wireless actuators can be controlled by KNX. The KNX ENO 636 secure from Weinzierl allows encrypted communication with security-compatible EnOcean devices. The KNX ENO 636 secure has 32 wireless channels and accepts over 100 device profiles (Enocean Equipment Profile), it allows an easy and secure connection from different Enocean sensors and actors to a KNX installation. In addition, the gateway offers logic functions and comprises an integrated level 1 wireless repeater. The purpose of the repeater function is to span large distances between sensors and actuators. Configuration takes place using the KNX ENO tool. Download from Surface mounting in a 55mm flush-mounted box. Power is supplied over the KNX bus.