Know whether doors and windows are open or closed, in real-time
Pressac’s wireless current sensors (CT) measure the alternating current (AC) and report an average of 5 measurements every 30 seconds.




The small, energy-harvesting devices use ultra-low power wireless and battery-less technology making them easy to install and very low maintenance. They simply clip around a cable and the wireless transmitter attaches outside the panel for reliable wireless data transmission. They can easily be fitted inside a machinery panel, distribution panel, or other suitable location.

Automatically detect open doors
Access live data to know when doors or windows around your building are open or closes

Monitor for changes
Monitor each door – including windows, cupboards, cabinets, and fridges – to automatically detect changes

Automate building management
Automate building management processes based on live conditions


  • Use magnetic fields to detect open/close status. Reports open/close changes in real-time and status updates every  15 minutes
  • Solar-powered using ambient room light. Optional back-up battery for low-light conditions – battery typically lasts up to 10 years
  • Transmit data wirelessly and securely – using AES-128 encryption – via EnOcean wireless protocol, which uses internationally approved, license-free ISM bands
    • 868 MHz for Europe (RED)
    • 902 MHz for North America (FCC) and Canada (IC)
    • 928 MHz for Japan (ARIB specification)