NODON SIN2101 Relay Switch 1 channel dry contact EnOcean

Control everything you want, from a single actuator: lights, heaters, boiler, garage door, etc… and finally make your home smart.


Compatible with the EnOcean® worldwide Smart Home / Smart Building protocol, this EnOcean® Relay Switch is mounted in your ceiling, in your wall or behind your electrical socket, and will turn any dumb device into a smart device. With its 2300W switching capacity and potential-free input, make your home smarter, without changing any single appliance.

  • High switching capacity: With a capacity of 2300W, you can switch ON/OFF almost everything
  • Ultra low profile: A concentrate of technology and features, in less than 17mm thickness
  • Potential-free input: Whatever you put IN, the EnOcean® Relay Switch will drive it out. Possibilities are limitless, from light control, to boiler to garage door
  • Remote commissioning: Using latest EnOcean® specifications, the NodOn® Relay Switch can be fully commissioned without any physical intervention from the installer

With my 1 channel – dry contact Relay Switch, I can

  • Light: Turn my dumb lights into remotely controllable lighting system
  • Appliances: Switch ON / OFF my appliances remotely, directly from the wall
  • Boiler: Control my boiler and centralized heating system, thanks to its potential-free input
  • Garage door: Control my home access, such as garage door, thanks to its potential-free input