SmartServer IoT is an extensible, multi-protocol IoT edge server that is ideal for monitoring and controls, energy management, and data analytics applications in smart buildings, cities, and factories.


Its modern architecture creates an IoT-centric data fabric that quickly and securely delivers critical data and insights anywhere across edge networks. It also gives you the freedom to process data in a control network, edge, or cloud infrastructure for limitless applications.

With this truly open and end-to-end industrial appliance, users can engineer, integrate, and manage systems, implement automation sequences, and create custom applications and visualization without locking in user data. The platform is extensible to any connectivity or data standard, enabling an edge-computing architecture that is autonomous, distributed, resilient, and secure.

With SmartServer IoT, system integrators and solution providers no longer need to pull together expensive point solutions and code custom applications from scratch. A simple-to-use web-based central management system (CMS) with integration and programming tools to support deployment workflows in large-scale installations.

With a unique combination of an open standards-based approach along with end-to-end integration support, SmartServer IoT stands apart from every other edge server or gateway, enabling fast and efficient development and integration, transparent licensing, and straightforward support for system extensions.