The U70 PL-20 USB Network Interface expansion module enables a SmartServer™ IoT or other controller or computer to communicate with LON PL-20 power line carrier networks via USB. The compact module is housed in a DIN 43880 7TE compliant enclosure. The U70 is compatible with OpenLDV 5 (or newer) and with hosts implementing the LON/IP stack, which provides source code for LON/IP and LON-compatible protocol stacks.



The U70 facilitates communication to everyday devices like pumps, motors, valves, sensors, actuators and lights for lighting controls, building automation, energy management, transportation systems control and telecommunications equipment management. Tx and Rx LEDs provide an indication of LON packet transmission and reception. An on-board Connect LED provides a visual indication of device status during discovery and device configuration; status is also communicated to the host via the USB interface.