Ethernet to EnOcean interface

The actually smartest available interface between a PLC with an Ethernet interface and maybe several hundreds of EnOcean wireless sensors and actuators is the new and innovative



This bridge is the first device of our new product family called EnoDisc.

This EnoDisc has the following main properties:

  • Power supply voltage: Power Over Ethernet PoE / 48 V DC
  • 1x Ethernet (10/100 MBit) on LSA interface block
  • 1x EnOcean transceiver 868.3 MHz, bidirectional

Since we developed this product as an open and standardized interface, the EnoDisc uses the  EnOcean Serial Protocol 3 (ESP3) to receice and transmit data from/to the Ethernet.

The combination of communication and power supply by PoE makes this device quite flexible and easy to use. Only one cable, no line voltage is needed.
As one main feature, you are free to select a brand and type of Internet router, when you need a local GSM connection.

The EnoDisc comes in an on-wall housing with a modern design and can be easily mounted to the ceiling. The electrical connection is done using a standard LSA tool for Ethernet cables.