This fl ush mounted INGY-CEFLDALI is suitable for easy mounting through a 73/75mm diameter hole into a ceiling void which is at least 78mm deep. Confi gurable for any room occupancy style, via the free-to-download INGY APP on Google Play or Apple APP Store.


INSTALLATION To be installed by a competent person concerning BS 7671 or equivalent local standards. If in doubt consult a qualified electrician

  • Plan where the INGY-CEFLDALI is to be located (see diagram 1). Switch off the supply and check for hidden cables and pipes. Make a 73/75mm diameter hole through a standard ceiling board.
  • The INGY-CEFLDALI should be connected as shown in diagram 2: L – Live in. N – Neutral in.
  • Ensure both springs are fitted to the molding in the correct orientation (see diagram 3).
  • Push the INGY-CEFLDALI into the ceiling void, making reference to diagram 4.