NODON SIN2201 Relay Switch 2 channel dry contact EnOcean

Control everything you want, from a single actuator: lights, heaters, boiler, garage door, etc… and finally make your home smart.


Compatible with the EnOcean® worldwide Smart Home / Smart Building protocol, this EnOcean® Relay Switch is mounted in your ceiling, in your wall or behind your electrical socket, and will turn any dumb device into a smart device. You want to make your lighting system smart and add as much transmitters (Wall Switch, Remote) as you want, without any construction work, dust and trouble? Here you are.

  • High switching capacity: With a capacity of more than 1.000W / Channel, you can switch ON/OFF almost all your electrical appliances, especially lighting system
  • Ultra low profile: A concentrate of technology and features, in less than 17mm thickness
  • Wired wall switch inputs: Thanks to its 2 analogic Wireless inputs, the EnOcean® Relay Switch can turn any wired Wall Switch into an EnOcean® one. And quickly create a back and forth installation
  • 2 channels: One very small size product, 2 channels
  • Remote commissioning: Using latest EnOcean® specifications, the NodOn® Relay Switch can be fully commissioned without any physical intervention from the installer

With my 2 channels Relay Switch, I can

  • Light: Turn my dumb lights into remotely controllable lighting system
  • Appliances: Switch ON / OFF my appliances remotely, directly from the wall
  • Retrofit: Retrofit easily and without any construction work the lighting system of my room. Add a new Wall Switch, Remote Control,… battery-less, wireless
  • Back & forth: Create a back & forth system, without breaking my walls